A product to streamline entire
workflow of Neonatal Intensive
Care Unit.
CHIL automatizes the workflow of NICU starting from the day of admission/birth till the discharge of the baby, thus reducing the responsibilities of users.

It also provides the doctors with a solution to all the problems related to manual paperwork (such as duplication of records while preparing progress notes and discharge summary) by automatically generating progress notes of hospital stay as well ...
Medication Error
Auto Progress Notes
& Discharge Summary
Multiple Device Data
On Single Interface
Alarams &
Gas Machine
Admission &
Registration Process
Growth Summary
& Vitals Information
Predicting Onsite
The global burden of preterm births and neonatal mortality is immense. Treatment of the premature infants involves hospitalization in which progress reports are maintained manually by nurses and doctors.

Even the calculations of drug dosage and nutrition as per the changing weight of the baby are done manually and the real-time data such as heart rate coming from devices connected to the baby is noted manually (on hourly basis by considering only the maximum/average values). These manual entries and calculations have potential to result in high error rate.

In addition, the data produced every second by devices is stored for a maximum of 72 hours and significant quantity of this crucial physiological data may remain unexplored.