iNICU presented its improved NEO version in Neonatal Congress of Japan, Korea and Taiwan

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iNICU team presented poster showing the significance of our solution in bedside surveillance and real-time monitoring of neonate. While I was present at the poster section, Mr. Sangdo Kim was presenting to guest at iNICU booth showing them system capabilities. We now have touch screen panel with battery support for transport babies.


We showed prediction accuracy on real-time data captured by iNICU platform ( based on score developed by Dr. Anna Penn group @ Lucile Packard Hospital) on a simulator baby at the conference. It was amazing to see the power of innovation and good product fitment enabling iNICU to present to this esteemed audience of the best and brightest neonatologist across three countries. We thank for the hospitality and generosity of our hosts (Korean Neonatal Network for giving us this opportunity).

We look forward to our close collaborations that are now planned with medical hospitals and continue to show (and publish) improved results in reducing infant mortality and improving child care across Asia.

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